How to help minimize hearing aid repairs…

Hearing Aids You can follow these simply steps below to minimize hearing aid repairs and extend the life of your hearing aids.

  1. Clean hearing aid daily
  2. Store in cool, dry areas
  3. Check for rust in battery compartment. If you see any – get some good ole electronics parts cleaner (you can pick a can up an automotive parts store for a couple of bucks), spray a cotton swab, shake the swab gently to remove excessive drips and then carefully dab inside the battery compartment. Better yet, take it to your hearing care professional – that is what you paid them to check and do.
  4. If you have behind-the-ear hearing aids – check tubing for holes, crimps and hardening.
  5. Use of a desiccant to help remove moisture that may be caused from humidity, etc. Many styles are available. Check with your hearing care provider to see which one best fits your lifestyle.