How long do hearing aids last?

This is a great question and there is no specific timeframe and quite a few factors to consider.

In my experience I have seen a hearing aid last from one day to the longest as forty-two years and counting. Yes, this is the truth. One day is a stretch, but has happened – the patient lost it! But this 42YO hearing aid probably isn’t what you’re thinking of as a hearing aid. It still works. It turns on without a hitch, amplifies quite well, but honestly doesn’t have the sound quality most people desire and let’s face it not a lot of people would even consider using it in public or private.

Some professionals say three years – I would say sometimes that is just to get a new sell, but in years past that seems to be the amount of time it took for technology to advance enough that patients could “hear” the difference. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore. With the pace of technology advancements, one could most likely replace their hearing aids every year and there would be something different. It’s up to the individual to decide if it’s enough of a difference to make that investment.

Having been in business since 2000 I have studied replacement and the majority is about 4.2 years.