How can I get my hearing aids to stop squealing?

  1. Check to make sure it is inserted properly
  2. Have you lost or gained weight? Maybe it doesn’t fit as it once did
  3. Behind-the-ear hearing aids with earmolds – the tubing for earmold may have hole, crimp, or hardened
  4. Receiver-in-canal (RIC) or Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) has wiring running from the hearing aid into the ear canal and may have crimped or may have loosened where it should connect to the actual hearing aid
  5. The settings may need to be adjusted
  6. You may have wax that is partially blocking sound NOTE: See your hearing care professional to have wax removed.
  7. There may be quite a bit of gain in the hearing aid to accommodate for the amount of hearing loss and will most often occur with more significant hearing loss, but may occur even for mild hearing loss.
  8. My personal favorite – some people place their hand near the microphone to make the hearing squeal on purpose so they can “whistle” when someone walks by – (My theory is they don’t know how to whistle!)