Common Hearing Aid Issues

Why does sound in my hearing aid seem to fade in and out?

The culprit could be:

  1. Moisture
  2. Compression in the hearing aid
  3. Settings in the hearing aid
  4. There may really be something fading in and out that you are not used to hearing.

Why do my hearing aids whistle (squeal)?

  1. Cerumen (wax)
  2. Not fitting properly
  3. Weight loss or gain – think about it when you notice someone has lost (or gained) weight you often see it in their face and we just don’t think about it being the ears, too!
  4. Not inserted properly
  5. Settings in the hearing aid may need to be set high to accommodate your hearing loss and it’s fine when nothing is near, but squeals when someone hugs you, you get near a wall, put phone to ear, etc.