Amplified Telephone

Individuals with hearing loss often struggle when making phone calls. Conversations may sound muffled or garbled, leading to frustration. An easy solution is an amplified telephone. These make communication with friends and loved ones over the phone much easier.

Benefits of an Amplified Phone

Amplified phones allow those with impaired hearing to turn up the volume so speech comes across clearly, making conversations easier to follow. Sounds may be amplified by as much as 30-50 decibels (dB). Many amplified phones include additional features such as closed-captioning, displaying text on a large LCD screen; visual flashing ringers; tone control, for adjusting the frequency of sounds; and caller ID. Many amplified phones are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), and eliminate the majority of feedback and whistling some hearing device users experience.

Free Amplified Phone

We are offering a free amplified phone or Bluetooth device to hearing impaired individuals. Contact our office for more information!