Assistive Listening Devices

An assistive listening device (ALD) is a portable system that acts as a personal amplifier, allowing those with hearing difficulties to understand speech more clearly, and to communicate more effectively by separating background noise from more important sounds. It can be used in conjunction with a hearing aid or cochlear implant, and gives the user an additional option in situations where those devices don’t work effectively.

There are some important benefits of ALDs. They enable a user to:

  • Hear a speaker from a distance.
  • Separate speech from background noise.
  • Overcome poor acoustical environments and other situations that make hearing a challenge.

With hearing aids, you’ll need to turn the volume up, but this makes everything louder, including background noises you are trying to avoid. ALDs separate competing sounds by turning the volume up on the speaker only.

Assistive listening devices consist of a microphone, transmitter, receiver, and listening attachment. The microphone is placed close to the speaker rather than being built into the unit, transmitting speech directly to the user’s ear, hearing aid, or cochlear implant. Most take advantage of wireless technology and are compatible with Bluetooth devices such as cell phones, computers, and TVs.

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