Hearing Screening Kiosk
Hearing Kiosk Allen Hearing Clinic is proud to offer a free hearing screening kiosk for patient convenience. This portable unit is simple to use, relying on the latest touch screen technology, and allows those with busy schedules to forgo crowded waiting rooms and have their hearing tested in a location that is convenient for them. Individuals who might not otherwise seek medical attention can assess their own hearing and, should test results indicate a possible hearing loss, schedule a consultation with an audiologist. The hearing screening kiosk features noise correction for accurate screening in environments with background noise, and determines whether a user has significant hearing loss based on an extensively tested and researched set of algorithms. Users can opt to receive an email copy of their test results, and may choose to receive a free hearing report including their audiogram and an expert interpretation of the results. Our hearing screening kiosk appears in various locations around the area. You might spot it in a shopping mall, pharmacy, senior center, or the lobby of our clinic. No matter the spot, if you have a few extra minutes, take advantage and receive a free hearing screening today!