How long do hearing aids last?

This is a great question and there is no specific timeframe and quite a few factors to consider. In my experience I have seen a hearing aid last from one day to the longest as forty-two years and counting. Yes, … Continue reading

How can I get my hearing aids to stop squealing?

Check to make sure it is inserted properly Have you lost or gained weight? Maybe it doesn’t fit as it once did Behind-the-ear hearing aids with earmolds – the tubing for earmold may have hole, crimp, or hardened Receiver-in-canal (RIC) … Continue reading

Common Hearing Aid Issues

Why does sound in my hearing aid seem to fade in and out? The culprit could be: Moisture Compression in the hearing aid Settings in the hearing aid There may really be something fading in and out that you are … Continue reading

Why has the sound quality of my hearing aid changed?

Your hearing may have changed. Your listening environments may have changed. For example, a school teacher typically has very different listening needs in the summer than during the school year. You may have debris such as wax or dry skin … Continue reading

How to help minimize hearing aid repairs…

You can follow these simply steps below to minimize hearing aid repairs and extend the life of your hearing aids. Clean hearing aid daily Store in cool, dry areas Check for rust in battery compartment. If you see any – … Continue reading